Passive States

Plugin Download

The Passive States plugins allows to create states that are always active or are active under certain conditions. You can apply this states to actors, classes, skills, equipment, enemies and even other states.

Requires the Victor Engine – Basic Module

Learn how to Install Victor Engine Plugins

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  1. The basic module link here takes you to the ACE version, not the MV version 🙂


  2. Hi Victor. I’m not sure exactly why this happens but it appears that your plugins may be incompatible with any other plugin that uses meta to access custom properties added by those plugins. For example, if I enable the “WeaponSkill” plugin that came with the software and then play test a battle the game will immediately crash with a TypeError: Cannot read property ‘skill_id’ of undefined. Upon checking the code in that plugin I found that it was using meta.skill_id. I tested with several different plugins that all use meta.* to access notetag properties and they all exhibited similar errors at or around lines of code that attempt to access notetag data via meta when your plugins are enabled.

    I openly admit that I’m not a javascript expert by any stretch but thought it was odd that the plugins that use meta appear to be at odds with your plugins. Could totally be a red herring but thought I’d let you know on the small chance that its not.

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  3. Thank you so much for addressing the problem. All the plugins I use that use meta now work with your plugins. I’m grabbing them all! You’re brilliant and I look forward to seeing how I can use your work to improve my game. Thank you again.


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