State Graphics

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This plugin allows to setup states that changes the battler graphic while they are affected. You can use that to create transformation states, such as the ‘Toad’ state from the Final Fantasy series.

Requires the Victor Engine – Basic Module

Learn how to Install Victor Engine Plugins

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  1. you really couldnt make your plugins work with yanfly? i wanna use this plugin (because yanfly hasnt made a plugin like this) but i cant because i cant use 2 core plugins at the same time
    if you was to make plugins dont think people wont use yanfly’s plugins when using yours
    gives me this error
    RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded
    at Game_Actor.Game_BattlerBase.meetRowStateCondition


    • To answer you, i will quote something that Yanfly himself said:

      I’ll only provide support for my own plugins. This isn’t because I disrespect other plugin makers or anything of the sort. If I did, I wouldn’t go so far as to maximize compatibility with my plugins when possible. The reason behind is because of my lack of time, and I’d like to put my undivided attention to errors caused by my own plugins.

      Sorry pal, but as Yanfly, my free time is not enough to give suport to plugins created by other people.

      So, if you really want help, you could post actual info to help me find the issue.
      Like wich YF plugin is conflicting with this one (YF have several plugins, and i don’t have time to check every single of his plugins to find wich is the issue).
      Also, post a picture of the console error message (Press F8 during the test play and send the error message shown on that window, the in-game error message is useless).

      After you provide the data, i will check if it’s possible to solve that issue. But keep in mind that my prority are my oww plugins. I won’t devote all my time to solve problems caused by incompatibility with other people plugins.

      And please, next time don’t post with this tone like you are demanding things.
      If you post demanding things like you were my boss or something, your post will go directly to the spam bin.
      Remember, you are not my boss, so please, try to not be bossy saying that I “must do this or that”, ok?


      • ok well to use this plugin it also needs your Basic Module kinda like a battle core and using yanfly’s battle core too is like having 2 of the same plugins so its giving the error as if there is 2 of the same plugins being used


      • You are totally misurtanding it. My basic module is not “kinda like a battle core”.
        My basic module is nothing other than a collection of functions commonly used by my plugins, that i kept together just to ensure compatibility between my plugins and to not clutter my codes with repeated code.

        My basic module don’t mess with the maker original code. There is absolutely no shared code between my Basic module and YF battle core, so it’s totally impossible for it to cause incompatibility with YF Battle core.

        In fact, I do have the YF Battle Core here and just tesing it and I have no errors. The issue must be somewhere else.
        Check if you don’t have any duplicated plugin, because my basic module don’t even touch the same code as the YF Battle Core.

        If there is a incompatibility issue, i’m 100% sure that it’s not with the Basic Module. Also I’m 100% sure that it’s not also with the YF Battle Core.

        Again, send me the image of the console log (test the game, and when the error occur, press F8 and take print of the info that will be shown), The console error can give a lead of what is the real issue.


  2. RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded
    at Game_Actor.Game_BattlerBase.meetRowStateCondition (/G:/rpg%20maker%20mv/game/js/plugins/YEP_RowFormation.js:1017)
    at Game_Actor.Game_BattlerBase.getRowStateData (/G:/rpg%20maker%20mv/game/js/plugins/YEP_RowFormation.js:1009)
    at Game_Actor.Game_BattlerBase.rowStatesRaw (/G:/rpg%20maker%20mv/game/js/plugins/YEP_RowFormation.js:999)
    at Game_Actor.Game_BattlerBase.rowStates (/G:/rpg%20maker%20mv/game/js/plugins/YEP_RowFormation.js:989)
    at Game_Actor.Game_BattlerBase.states (/G:/rpg%20maker%20mv/game/js/plugins/YEP_RowFormation.js:975)
    at Game_Actor.Game_BattlerBase.states (/G:/rpg%20maker%20mv/game/js/plugins/YEP_AutoPassiveStates.js:270)
    at Game_Actor.Game_BattlerBase.traitObjects (rpg_objects.js:2359)
    at Game_Actor.traitObjects (rpg_objects.js:3794)
    at Game_Actor.Game_BattlerBase.allTraits (rpg_objects.js:2363)
    at Game_Actor.Game_BattlerBase.traits (rpg_objects.js:2369)
    Clipboard is not enabled in hosted mode. Please inspect using chrome://inspect

    i thought it was working because it was in a battle test but when i try to play the game i still got this error i know i dont have more then 1 of the same plugin so what do you think?


    • It seems that the clash is with YEP_RowFormation. I will take a look at it, but next time please post a screen shot.


      • sorry to bother you have you found anything yet? i have a project you can check out
        just turn on the 2 of your plugins at the bottom and try doing a playtest and when you click start game you see the error.


      • Man you are using really a lot of plugins… it’s very hard to track compatibilities with so many plugins.
        I won’t be able to test every single of those plugins alone (and this is how I must test it, testing with so many turned ON might cause distortions where you belive one plugin is the issue when it is not, for example, I have no isse with the YEP_RowFormation, the plugin that your error message points to, maybe the issue is not even with the YF plugin)

        Try to narrow down your list, i can’t stop to work with my plugins to test 50 different plugins from other author to find the source of this issue.
        Whenever trying to find an incompatibility, never test with so many plugins.

        Also, update your state graphics plugin, there was a issue with it that might be the cause of your issue.


  3. I, YEP – the Party System in the ON, as soon as you click the New game, you get an error of Maximum call stack size exceeded.
    This and the State Graphics have collided.


    • I’m testing both right now and I have no issues, check for duplicated plugins or if the incompatibility is with other plugin.
      YF Party System and the State Graphics are working fine together.


  4. nevermind something worked and its no longer a problem, thanks for the help, i am using alot of plugins because i want alot to be possible, and sometimes i gotta use more then 1 plugin to do something


  5. I am no good with scripting or plugins but i use all the plugins mentioned above + Yep.buff and atate core, and Yep.animated.sidewiev.enemies plugin.

    I get this error when starting a battle
    RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded

    Can you help me on this? is it some kind of a fix for this


    • You can find out wich plugin is causing the issue Disable all plugins but this one (and the basic module obviously). And then enable only one other plugin and test. Repeat this for every other plugin. Don’t test several at once, test them in pairs until you find the one conflicting.

      Once of you found exactly wich plugin is clashing, provide a link to it and I will check what can be done.
      Now, if you just list several different plugins and hope that I look at all of them, it’s very probably that I won’t.

      Also, post a screenshot of the console (press F8 during the test play) the game window error message is pretty useless.


  6. Hey, I’m having problems understanding what your tags actually mean. I’m terrible with understanding the plugins still heh. So what I’m trying to use this for is a transformation state known as Pact Linking (each character that can do this has their own state for it) and in order to make it work like I need it to, they must change all the actor images and then revert it once the state wears off (putting them back to normal). As far as I can tell, your plugin can do this….but I can’t seem to figure out how to make it work like that….Do you know how I can solve this?

    The first actor I’m making this for’s name is Lumi, and she’s Actor3 in the list. Her transformed state’s images are named Lumi (Linked) for the SV set, Leaders (Linked) for the TV set, and Lumi (Linked) for the faceset. Which of those do I need to use or change if needed to make it work like it should?


    • If you don’t understand how to use the notetags, then it’s hard to explain how to setup this plugin, as it’s setup is totally dependent on how you setup the notetags and i don’t see how I can explain it better than it is on the plugin help.


  7. I found a very specific conflict between your State Graphics Plugin and Yanfly’s Autopassive States Plugin. It only occurs when both plugins are active and there is at least one equippable weapon/armor in the database that uses a “state resist” trait.

    RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded
    at file:///C:/Users/guest1/Documents/Games/Sample/js/rpg_objects.js:2402:18
    at Array.reduce (native)
    at Game_Actor.Game_BattlerBase.traitsSet (file:///C:/Users/guest1/Documents/Games/Sample/js/rpg_objects.js:2401:30)
    at Game_Actor.Game_BattlerBase.isEquipWtypeOk (file:///C:/Users/guest1/Documents/Games/Sample/js/rpg_objects.js:2513:17)
    at Game_Actor.Game_BattlerBase.canEquipWeapon (file:///C:/Users/guest1/Documents/Games/Sample/js/rpg_objects.js:2811:17)
    at Game_Actor.Game_BattlerBase.canEquip (file:///C:/Users/guest1/Documents/Games/Sample/js/rpg_objects.js:2802:21)
    at Game_Actor.releaseUnequippableItems (file:///C:/Users/guest1/Documents/Games/Sample/js/rpg_objects.js:3668:32)
    at Game_Actor.refresh (file:///C:/Users/guest1/Documents/Games/Sample/js/rpg_objects.js:3743:10)
    at Game_Party.Game_Unit.refreshMembers (file:///C:/Users/guest1/Documents/Games/Sample/js/plugins/YEP_AutoPassiveStates.js:454:26)
    at Game_Player.refresh (file:///C:/Users/guest1/Documents/Games/Sample/js/plugins/YEP_AutoPassiveStates.js:468:16)rpg_managers.js:1722 SceneManager.catchException

    I can consistently recreate the error in a fresh project with only the YEP_AutoPassiveStates.js and the VE_BasicModule.js and VE_StateGraphics.js plugins in use.

    If I turn off the YEP_AutoPassiveStates.js plugin and leave yours on then no problem.
    If I turn off your plugin and leave on the YEP plugin then no problem.
    if I turn on both sets of plugins and remove all “state resist” traits from all weapons/armors in the database then no problem.
    As soon as I put a “state resist” trait on any weapon/armor in the database with both of these plugins active then the game immediately crashes on startup with the above error.

    It’s really strange because the error manifests itself in different situations depending on how many different plugins are active in your project. For example, in my main game project the game does not crash at startup but will crash if any actors with initial equipment that use a state resist trait try to join the party. Or it will crash if I attempt to equip one of the party members with a weapon/armor/accessory that uses the state resist trait.

    The state resist trait seems to be the key here, though I don’t know why. Could just be a red herring but I thought I’d leave a reply here in case you want to investigate or at a minimum someone else who runs into problems trying to use this with that particular Yanfly plugin will be aware of the problem.



  8. I have a question. it’s possible to have an image for two (or more) altered States?
    For example: my actor is poisoned in one of the turns and changes the graph to its corresponding image. But then, the same actor is blinded in another turn, and the image of “poisoned” is replaced by the image of “blinded”.
    What I want to know is, if there is the possibility to create a new image that applied / used when this actor has both altered States (poisoned and blinded, or any combination). Of course, always talking about States that were obtained at different times using different skills, but in the same battle.

    PS: I used a translator to write this. Sorry if there are errors.


    • No, the images are linked to a single state, and the image of the state with highest priority is used.
      The best you can do is creating a 3rd state that is applied only when both states are applied (there are several ways of doing that) and have this 3rd state to have an unique image.


  9. Hi! I like this plugin but I can’t change charset for some reason. I use this notetag SV battler’s and charset’s file names are “Actor2”, “3” is index of charset. No other plugins.


  10. Thanks this has been a great help and no clashes so far.


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