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This plugin allows to setup certain action to have a option to toggle it’s targets. You can switch between single target/all targers or between allies/opponents. You can also setup actions to deal less damage if targeting all or have them to have the damage divided by the number of targets.

Requires the Victor Engine – Basic Module

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  1. Running into an issue with using healing spells from the is a copy of F8

    rpg_managers.js:1618 TypeError: Cannot read property ‘length’ of undefined
    at Game_Action.applyGlobal (/C:/Users/Johnathan/Documents/Games/Project1/js/plugins/VE_ToggleTargets.js:253)
    at Game_Action.applyGlobal (/C:/Users/Johnathan/Documents/Games/Project1/js/plugins/VE_MateriaSystem.js:972)
    at Scene_Skill.Scene_ItemBase.applyItem (rpg_scenes.js:1001)
    at Scene_Skill.Scene_ItemBase.useItem (rpg_scenes.js:958)
    at Scene_Skill.useItem (rpg_scenes.js:1181)
    at Scene_Skill.Scene_ItemBase.onActorOk (rpg_scenes.js:932)
    at Window_MenuActor.Window_Selectable.callHandler (rpg_windows.js:896)
    at Window_MenuActor.Window_Selectable.callOkHandler (rpg_windows.js:1165)
    at Window_MenuActor.processOk (rpg_windows.js:1824)
    at Window_MenuActor.Window_Selectable.processHandling (rpg_windows.js:1021)


    • I will take a look on it. But if you can post screenshots instead of plain text i would be very thankful. Without the syntax highlight of the console this info becomes very confusing.


      • I ran across a new glitch since the fix. F8 doesn’t show the error but when i press shift to toggle targets in combat now I get a message saying TypeError undefined is not a function. Hope there isn’t just something stupid I’m missing. Love your scripts btw. And Thanx for the quick fix of my first error post.


      • Without the console message it’s kinda hard to find out what is the issue, since it doesn’t happen here I have no clue about what might be the issue. If you can provide any lead it would be helpful.

        Anyway, it’s very strange for the game to return an error without showing it on the console.


      • Hope this helps managed to duplicate it and F8 worked this time.
        Sorry to bother you. It happens with all Materia paired to a dmg spell.F8 may have been slow loading or something.


      • Far better now. 😀

        Take a look at the basic module and check if there is a code “isVisible” (just search for this word). If you don’t find it, try updating the Basic Module.
        You probably got it while I was fixing them and got the version that was missing it.


  2. does this plugin work with android and ios users?


    • You can setup the Input key that will be used for the toggle.
      On mobile where you don’t have those keys avaiable, you would need something else trigger those keys (there are plugins to add touch buttons on the screen for example).
      It would require some setup though.


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