Active Time Battle

Last Update: 2013.01.13
Script Download

This scripts changes the turn management of battles. The default turn based system is replaced by an active time system, where the order of actions are decided by individual time bars.

Requires the Victor Engine – Basic Module

Full instructions at the header of the script.

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  1. Upon getting into a battle I get the following error:

    Script ‘VE | Active Time Battle’ line 909: TypeError occured.

    nil can’t be coerced int Fixnum


    • The line 909 is a $game_system variable. So it will not work on save files made before installing the script.
      Generally speaking, a lot of scripts will not work on savegames made before installing them, due to variables that were not initialized. (such as the one on that line).
      If you’re using an old savefile, try testing on a newgame.


  2. I’m Getting an no method error when trying to escape battles. It says there is an undefined method ‘active?’ for #
    Any Idea what the issue is?


  3. Great script!
    By the way, how can I disable the ATB bar sound/beep when it reaches the max?.
    Thanks in advance!.


  4. Hi Victor. I’m using you Bsys together with “Yanfly’s Engine Ace – Input Combo Skills” and I’m trying to make it that the Skills you use in the combo sequences cost ATB like it costs MP and TP.

    Actually the YEA system don’t support the ATB cost inside the combo actions. But it is indispensable for the bsys I’m setting up for my game that it could be possible. I’m not a experienced ruby scripter, so I’m not having success in understanding where to edit the scripts to suit my needs. Can you help me with a snipet addon for this combination?

    I can send you the scripts I’m working on or even the game if you want. Just leave me an answer, I would be very glad!

    Thank you!

    (I’m brazillian, like you (I think), so if you want I can explain my self again in portuguese. As you can see, my english is a little too weak haha)


  5. I’m Getting an no method error when trying to escape battles. It says there is an undefined method ‘active?’ for #
    Any Idea what the issue is?

    i get the same error its is in 722 line


  6. Hi Victor I’ve a small question about your ATB. What happens if player has equipment with multiple tags? Ie. He wears an armor with and sword with , do the work additionally (total of -5% + -20% = -25%>, multiplicatively (1*0.8*0.95 ~=76%), or highest get the priority (so in that case, 80%?). What if we use amulet that increases it (so we’ve modifiers: 80%, 95%, 120%)?

    Thanks for the reply!


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