Actors Battlers

Last Update: 2013.01.07
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This script adds visible battler graphics for the party actors actors during combat. With the visible battlers, new options will be available like setting actor’s battlers positions and attack animations.

Requires the Victor Engine – Basic Module

Full instructions at the header of the script.

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  1. Hello!
    I was wondering, is there a way I can change the graphic for an actor using a switch or some other command? A character in my game changes appearance permanently partway through the game and I don’t know how I might change the graphic to match that change. Thank you!


    • # Comment calls note tags:
      #  Tags to be used in events comment box, works like a script call.
      #  <battler name id: x>
      #   This tag allows to change the actor battler graphic.
      #    id : actor ID
      #    x  : battler graphic filename


  2. Oh snap, didn’t see that. Thanks!


  3. Here’s a tough question… (assuming you can fix it, otherwise an easy question)
    I’m getting an error.
    Actor Battlers line 560: NoMethodError.
    Undefined method ‘default_direction’ for #

    Everything was working fine until I tried adding in the ability to add an additional party member during the battle.

    I’ve looked up this problem but don’t see any solution

    script line. actor.default_direction if $imported[:ve_animated_battle]
    script version 1.09

    Note tags are set for the actors

    animated at frames 3 rows 4, 0,0, false, false, charset, charset
    actor at custom position. I even tried to add in a 5th position.

    Do you think there is anything that can be changed with your scripts or my settings to help?
    Because I’m also using yanfly party system. and I’m testing with 1 member not just 4 or 5.

    As I said everything was fine until I tried to add another party member to the battle, yet that party member is not in the party otherwise. So I guess this is kind of like a summon. But I’m not using any summon scripts. None of them work.



  4. Macho Man Randy Savage

    I was wondering if perhaps you could position the bettlers in front of the window, like in RMXP


  5. I went to use this script, downloading and using your Basic Module as well, and when I went to test a battle out, it’s still using the default, no actor battler on screen. I’ve double checked my work in the notes:

    And still, nothing seems to be changing. Is there something else I seem to be missing?


    • Your notetags didn’t show, post them without the < >, or the page will skip them thinking they are html tags.


      • My bad~

        battler name id: x
        # This tag allows to change the actor battler graphic.
        # id : actor ID
        # x : battler graphic filename

        After inputting the script and then using these,nothing seemed to change. I can’t seem to figure out how to make it work properly. ;x


      • and what values are you using?


      • I’m having the same issue. Using “battler name: Ghost” and “battler name: Bat”, with the right brackets, of course. Both of those are in actor notes.


  6. Hey first off Victor thanks for the script, its been a major help with my project.

    Just wanted to drop a note here for people that line 559 has a small typo that will causes the script to throw in error if your party changes mid battle. The line should be:

    actor.poses.default_direction if $imported[:ve_animated_battle]

    Hope this helps some people, I struggled with it for a bit

    Big thanks again!


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