Animated Battle

Last Update: 2013.01.13
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This script provides a totally customized animated battle system. This script allows a full customization of actions sequences, spritesheet and many things related to in battle display.

Requires the Victor Engine – Basic Module

Further instructions can be found on the Animated Battle Manual

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  1. Is there a way to incorporate a enemy health bar into the battle system? I’ve look through the code and didn’t see anything that showed it had that capability already other than the Damage pop script. I’m only wondering because it’s kinda annoying to use a really cool skill on a boss and wasting that MP if he only had like 1 hp or something. Or I’ve got a lot of enemies and I could have killed them more effectively if I new which ones where on the brink of death or not. know what I mean?


    • This system is about the battlers actions and animations. It don’t affect the HUD, such as status window or other types of display.

      If you want a HP bar display you will need a script for that.
      I have no script with that functionality, so you will need to find one that do this and is compatible.


  2. Hello Victor.

    I have a question about this script.

    Whenever my magician starts the casting pose, if the battle ends without him actually casting the magic, he starts the next battle in the casting pose. The same happens if he dies before casting the magic : when he is revived, he is directly in the casting pose.

    How can I fix this ? Because it’s very strange visually when a character seems to be casting right at the start of the battle.


  3. Is it possible for a pose to permanently change the position of an enemy sprite?, say closer or further away from an actor or even flying? If not is there any other way to make this work?

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    • The battler only return to their position if you make them to return to their original position with the pose ‘move: self, retreat;’ otherwise it will stay wherever it is.


  4. Olá Victor!
    Uma pergunta simples, mas foi algo que não consegui encontrar uma solução – perdoe-me caso seja burrice minha.

    Como eu poderia fazer para que o alvo de determinada skill não tivesse aquele leve empurrão para trás ao levar dano? (Isso é, quando se trata de um ataque mágico.)


    • Você teria que alterar a animação de dano na pose <action: hurt, reset>, mas essa tem que ser uma mudança global, não tem um jeito fácil de fazer isso para ações especificas.


  5. Hey, love the work you do. I just had a quick question: If I’m using Holder-like sprites, and I want to change the sprite so that it reflected what weapon my battler was carrying, would there be a way to do that? So I’m not asking if I can display an icon, but if there is a way to switch battler sprites mid-game when the player equips a different weapon.



    • There are various alternatives.

      You can do that with events, but the change would be reflected only when you leave the menu. There are some tutorials for that at rpgmakerweb forums.

      If you need the change to be reflected on the menu (maybe because you’re using the Sprite in Windows plugin) and you are not using the State Graphics plugin yet. You can use my Passive States plugin together with the State Graphics plugin. Add a passive state on the weapon, and make that state change the graphic notice that by doing that, you can’t use the state graphic for anything else, and that the dead battler will have no weapon.

      There might be other, but on top of my head those are the ones easier.


  6. Yo Victor, amazing script. Been enjoying it a lot, but there is a weird error that pops up sometimes.

    It’s odd because the script works just fine, but sometimes it just gets this error, like 50-50 chance of either happening and I am not sure if it is script related or compatibility with other scripts (last my memory serves, this happened even before some of these scripts were added. Even though I think there isn’t any other battle related scripts) or the fact I had to do some editing on even some of the RPG Maker defaults to allow five party members and displaying their HP bar. Again, it’s weird because the script works fine, but there are those rare moments this and other errors for some of your other scripts come up and I am trying to figure out how to fix them for a future version of the demo of my game I released June 30th of this year. I put the scripts in the correct order as instructed by each script, I even put any other scripts below these ones. If it is a compatibility issue, then I am hoping someone else can fix it hopefully in the future or learn Ruby to the point I can hopefully fix it myself.
    Your scripts that I am using in the following order are:
    Basic Module
    Animated Battle
    Skip Battle Log
    Actors Battlers
    Active Time Battle
    Element Set
    Cooperation Skills
    Damage Popup
    State Graphics
    Target Arrow
    Toggle Target
    Rotational Turning
    Incapacitate States
    Trait Control


  7. Hi Victor, I really love your scripts! I just have two questions.

    Do you have the Meteor.ogv? Because when i click on the link to download it (on the Animated Battler Manual) it shows me a 429 error message from Dropbox.

    Do you know where i can get the Meteor animation? I really love the animation but i can’t find it anywhere on the net.

    Thanks a million!


  8. Hi Victor, thanks for all your work, I’m using your System in my project: Final Fantasy: The Lament of Crystals, you probably know, as it’s not a shit fangame (at least I think :P)
    Do you plan to release a fix for the freezing enemies in counterattacks? Not requesting, just a question, take your time, and it’s great to see you back with your engines, after a hiatus.


  9. Hi Victor!
    I’m creating a feature that change the position of the actor when the player press “W” (obviously i’m using your script for the battle system) . I managed to change the position of the battler, but this position is updated only after the battler make a skill, but I want that the position is updated when the player press “W”. Could you tell me what is the method that updates the character position?

    Thanks a lot


  10. Hello Victor,
    My question is to do with a random action.
    I have a character with a weapon that will do elemental attacks. So I want it to randomly pick an element and use that attack animation. I figured a common event will do it, but how do I call a common event for that weapon? When attack pose: is set, can I call a common event in the script or in the note box?


    • You will need another plugin, the animated battle don’t have support to change the parameters of the action such as elements withing the action sequence. You can change the motion sequence and % of damage, but not elments, states, formulas…


  11. Boa noite eu uso script Victor Engine – Animated Battle fiz um personagem arqueiro com animação de ataque com char padrão do vx ace, porem preciso de fazer uma animação para um char que usar como arma um bumerangue, porem nao sei como configurar uma animação de ataque de um personagem que usar bumerangue, teria como me ajudar, como que eu faço para fazer personagem ao atacar jogar bumerangue no inimigo de forma que bumerangue depois de acertar inimigo volte para o personagem, lembrando quando bumerangue acerta inimigo causa dano depois volta para personagem, uma animação de ataque desse tipo e possivel fazer, se sim como, me ajuda.


    • Procure no script pelo exemplo que tem de animação de arco (# Pose for ‘Bow’ type weapons)

      Lá tem um exemplo de como fazer um objeto arremessavel, use ele como base.

      Então você precisa fazer duas animações de arremesso similar ao mudando a direção nas segunda animação.

      É meio complicado mesmo e vai precisar de algumas tentativas e erro até funcionar.


  12. Jake (Riolu in rio)

    Can i use this in my Game?

    I plan on making Money off my Game for a Surgery i need its why im asking instead of just using it.


  13. How do I use a different character in a character sheet to be the battler used? It seems to default to the top left one.


  14. Hello Victor,
    I just figured out how to properly use Kaduki settings three days ago and I have them working so far (no skills configured yet). I just noticed a problem and I just can’t figure it out.
    When my actors are killed, I want to revive them. But they disappear from the battlefield. If I select death state to not disappear I still cannot target them to apply a revive potion.
    I made a copy of my project and removed all scripts except base module, animated battle and actor battle. It still does this. Is there something in your script that is making the characters leave the battlefield?


  15. victor como eu uso 2 tipos de characters na batalha? por exemplo quero usar kaduki, e charset tem como?


  16. Hi Victor. I’m trying to find a way to incorporate the enemy battlers to have weapons. I’ve tried dozens of ways – including what the manual suggests – but nothing works. Every time the enemy attacks, it’s without a sword. The one I’ve specified him to use with the “” feature. I think I just need clarification about when to use this. I was using it as a notetag for the enemy skill:

    But I’m guessing it has to be worked into the script? You’ve been quite helpful, and even if you know a tutorial I could look at, that would be fantastic. Thanks so much for all you’ve done for everyone!


  17. When I have more than one actor in the party, I get this weird problem where the wrong actor performs the attack animation… For example actor 1 has a dagger and actor 2 has a pickaxe. When actor 1 attacks, he approaches the enemy and actor 2, who is still in regular formation, attacks the air with a dagger. When actor 2 attacks, actor 1 attacks the air with a pickaxe. Confusing eh? Here’s a clip showing what I mean.
    I haven’t modified settings that much and it works fine with just one actor so I’m not sure how to fix it. Hope to get some help soon, thanks


  18. Hi Victor,im encountering an error whenever my char died it said

    Animated battler line 4470 NoMethodError oocured.
    Undefined method `call_pose’ for #Game_Actor:0xefde748

    Can you please help me.


  19. I’m looking to just have the enemies animate, and not have the player characters on the screen at all. How would I do that?


  20. I already have enemies animated.

    Victor, good job on the scripts, even better job on talking to people! Really good support!

    Victor, I have a character that can transform into a cat, the transformation works fine BUT when I want to revert back to normal, it freezes the game and crashes it.

    The transformation works perfectly outside of battle, I assume your script is trying to find a Method Call, or more so a notetag.

    I understand your script, so all you have to do is point me in the right direction. It could be a
    issue with the poses configuration as I have not set them. What do you think? Thanks for your time.


  21. Hi Victor, excuse me but do you have a demo of this scrip for Vx Acet? Some time ago i found one i think, but mi pc died and i not found the demo again.
    With a demo i could understand something better the script, so if you have one i apreciate if you give me a link to download it.
    Thanks for your atention and for your help.


  22. Victor, tem alguma possibilidade de usar charsets normais no script? (Me refiro aos 3×4 do VX Ace, sem animações).


  23. Victor, existe alguma maneira de no comando throw definir a posição final da imagem/ícone com base no alvo?
    Ex: throw: self, user, icon weapon, arc 10, angle 45, init x -6, end x targets, init y -12;


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