Counter Options

Last Update: 2013.01.07
Script Download

This script allows to add options to choose wich skill will be used on ounter attacks.

Requires the Victor Engine – Basic Module

Full instructions at the header of the script.

  1. Victor,
    I have experienced an error while using this script. I set a weapon with the note tag <skill counter: x, y%> . It works great when y = 100%, but when y < 100%, the error occurs:
    "Line 171: NoMethodError occured.
    private method 'select' called for nil:NilClass"
    The skill which is used as counter attack is already learnt by the actor, and it is a single-target skill.
    Is this error caused by the script or i did wrong somewhere?


  2. Sorry for bothering you, but there is another problem with this script that i have encountered:
    I added 3 lines to a state and gave it to an actor:

    As the script mentioned, one of these three skills should be picked randomly to counter attack, but i realized that the actor only used the skill from the last note tag (Skill no. 178), the other two (174, 182) were never used. I tried rearranging them, but still only the last note tag worked.


  3. Oops sorry there three note tags are: (with line break on each note tag)


  4. “skill counter: 182”
    “skill counter: 174”
    “skill counter: 178”


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