Custom Hit Formula

Last Update: 2012.02.13
Script Download

This script allows to setup custom hit formulas for actions. You can use any valid ruby command to make different ways to decide if an action will
be successful. Some scripting knowlegde is required.

Requires the Victor Engine – Basic Module

Full instructions at the header of the script.

  1. I have a question:


    in the script, the description not state if I should put my formula ‘bethwn brackets’ and if I should add the a. and b. or not, I tried without ‘ ‘ and got error in undefined hit or a. (depending if I write a.hit or just hit)

    the formula is

    (90 + attacker.hit * 8/35 – eva * 6/35) compared to a rand(100) if is higest than 100 mean guarantee hit and by the way that Final Fantasy Record Keeper hit formula.


    • Using ‘hit’ without the ‘a’ means that it will use the user hit.

      Also the formula shouldn’t be placed on brackets, just look at the examples, none of them have one.


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