Free Jump

*The video includes features of the Moving Platform scritp.

Last Update: 2013.01.07
Script Download

This script adds a jumping system to the game, you can have the character to jump when the key set is pressed. While jumping, the character will not trigger events and terrain damage.

Requires the Victor Engine – Basic Module

Full instructions at the header of the script.

  1. Problem, it says i require pixel movement even when i already have it.
    I checked and it’s up to date.


  2. Hi, I also have a problem. Jumping works fine in itself, I can jump around on a flat surface. But I can’t jump over any obstacles. There is a 1 tile wide river in my map, or a hole event and I can’t jump over it (nor anything else). Am I missing something?


    • You can’t jump over anything unless you use the moving platform script. Different from the default jump, you have free control over the jump so the game will not know beforehand where the player will land, so it can’t allow you to jump over a obstacle that you might end struck into.


  3. Nvm man. Think it’s conflicting with another script. Opened a new game, game opened with no errors… Pressing A doesn’t do anything, can’t figure out how to make voids…

    Too complicated for me, apparently. Feel free to delete all these. Won’t be using this mod apparently.


  4. I installed all the scripts in the right order but, when I press the “jump” key, the character dash instead. Can You help me please?


  5. I can’t Jump in the First place I got the Diagonal movement script, Pixle movement script, and moving platform script and i left everything default can you help me?


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