Loop Animation

Last Update: 2013.02.13
Script Download

This script allows to display looping and cycling animations, the animation loops indefinitely, and if there’s more than one they cycles between them. They’re used to display status effects or can be called to display some visual effect.

Requires the Victor Engine – Basic Module

Full instructions at the header of the script.

  1. Hello Victor!!!!

    I am using this as your instruction said, but there is always a error in 624 line named NO METHODERROR, then UNDEFINED METHOD “CHARSET”? FOR #SPRITE_BATTLER 0X9A70428

    Can you help me to fix it?


  2. Hello Victor

    I don’t want to bother you, just telling you one more information, I tried every way to make this script to work, but I failed, I think there is some kind of bug inside.

    I didn’t use any other script in my game (victor engine only), I didn’t find other kind of Loop Animation script for VX ACE, only you made it, if you can fix this, that would be great.



    • You are starting to be annoying… posted the same thing in several places and even after i already answered you, you still being persistent asking again.

      I already saw each of your other two posts here (one of wich was deleted), and the post on facebook, and the post on youtube (wich was deleted also because you asked on a totally unrelated video). I already know about the issue, now WAIT.
      Being persistent will not make the solution come faster, in fact might make it take longer.

      I have many other higher priorities now and really not much free time available, when i’m done with the other things, i will look at what might be the issue.


  3. Hi there,actually I also got an error with a different message.
    The message is:

    “line 625:NoMethodErroroccurred.

    undefined method ‘charset?’ for # ”

    I do not know if the error I got is related to the error mentioned above since the message itself is not exactly the same,but I wanted to post it in case it may be a different cause.


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