MP Level

Last Update: 2012.08.18
Script Download

This script allows to setup a new cost mechanic for skill: MP divided in levels, a system similar to the first Final Fantasy, Suikoden and Grandia. Each skill consume MP from pre determined levels.

Requires the Victor Engine – Basic Module

Full instructions at the header of the script.

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  1. Hello, I’m currently working on small project and I’m using this script. I was wondering how I can change battle and menu windows to be more FFIII like.

    (Like on the image below: )


    • This would require a complete rewrite of the skill window (wich should be done as a separated plugin)
      You should notice that, while the plugin gives MP levels for the actor, it don’t actually give levels to skills, you just associate the level cost to it, but the skill itself don’t have a level.


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