Pixel Movement

Last Update: 2013.01.24
Script Download

This script allows to replace the tile based movement where the player walks a whole 32 pixel tile each step with one that he walks only 4 pixels. It also give a better collision system for events.

Requires the Victor Engine – Basic Module

Full instructions at the header of the script.

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  1. Can I use it with Falcao Pearl ABS ?


  2. after an text the characters move a little bit more slow, why does that happen?


  3. Hello Victor. Would it be possible to expand this script? I thought then on a collision detection for event.
    Example: An NPC Char sitting in a chair and with the own Char can walk along behind the backrest. Problem: The head of the NPC Char disappears behind the backrest.
    Would that be possible?


    • This has nothing to do with the passaibility wich is what this script deals with. It’s a default behavior of the maker sprites priority.
      Also i’m not upgrading the VXA scripts, my focus now is on MV.


  4. first of all, thanks for this dude as its exactly what i needed. however, i have no knowledge of coding or scripts, so apologies if this is an easy fix – but – whenever i try to trigger an event in-game, nothing happens. how do i go about fixing this? other than that, the movement is great – much better than how it used to be.


  5. Hey Victor, where I can find the compatibilty patch for KMS Minimap?



  6. Whenever I load an old save file it crashed and says
    Script ‘Pixel Movement’ line 367: NoMethodError occored.
    undefined method `empty?’ for nil:NilClass
    Is there a fix for this or do I just have to use a new save file?


  7. I have a problem. I want to make a moving event that starts with event touching actor, but it simply does not work with pixel movement. What can I do in order to fix this?


  8. is there a way to make the map have collisions that are not cubic. With / shapes and whatnot?
    For example, there was a XP script that based a maps collisions on a black and white image file that defined its’s shapes.


    • I’m also interested on a way to have a pixel detection on parallax maps with a collision layer (black and white colors only) that would indicate to each pixel if it blocks the hero or allow him to go through.


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