Retaliation Damage

Last Update: 2012.12.24
Script Download

This scripts allows to change the default mechanic of counters and reflect: the attacker can deal damage to the defending player before receiving the counter attack or magic reflect.

Requires the Victor Engine – Basic Module

Full instructions at the header of the script.

  1. As i can see in your video, this Script SHOULD work well. But sadly I just cannot get it to work as it should. I’m running in conjunction with the reflect script, I can get basic physical attacks to reflect and inflict damage on both parties, however the player/npc does not do the attack animation and so just reacts in the same way as a reflect skill where the enemy just drops dead for apparently no reason.

    I would be really great if you could provide a tutorial on exactly how to set up your scripts in the database, even a short video would help.


    • Well, it might be the case for other plugins, but i don’t see how this is a issue with this one.
      There are only two setups (both covered in the help)
      1. The plugin parameters. (they are just true/false, I hope there is no mystery here)
      2. Notetags. On the help it says where the notetag belongs and what the notetag is. Just put the notetag on the not box of the object you want. So if the help says that a notetag is for an actor or enemy, go to the enemy in the database and put the notetag on the note box there.

      Maybe if you tell what exactly you did (what values you placed on the plugin parameter? Where you placed the notetag? What values you used with your notetag), preferably with screenshots, then I might find out what might be the issue.


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