State Graphics

Last Update: 2012.12.15
Script Download

This script allows to setup states that changes the battler graphic when the battle is under certain states. You can use that to create transformation states, such as the ‘Toad’ state from the Final Fantasy series.

Requires the Victor Engine – Basic Module

Full instructions at the header of the script.

  1. Victor, please fix the link. It gives me error 404 when clicking on Script Download. Thank you so much for you hard work.


  2. Do you have a version of this that can affect enemies?


  3. Sergio Garcia Débler

    # Ex.: A battler with a graphic named ‘Actor1’ when inflicted with a state with
    # the tag will need a filename
    # named ‘Actor1[toad].
    # This sufix must be the first one when used together with the Animated Battle
    # sufixes.

    I dont understand this. If i want to use a battler graphic whit the state “toad” i need to write in the notes of the state:

    I need a filename named “Actor1[toad].” I understand this, but I can not make it work properly with animated battlers. How should I name the file? Actor1[toad].[anim]??


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