Target Arrow

Last Update: 2013.01.24
Script Download

This script allows to change target selection to a arrow like selection. It’s possible to make it animated and set different graphics for enemies and actors target selections. If using the script ‘Victor Engine – Loop Animation’, it’s also possible to make the cursor an animation

Requires the Victor Engine – Basic Module

Full instructions at the header of the script.

  1. I’m wondering if you have an idea on an issue I have. In battle (I have your animated battler script) the mouse icon will not select the correct enemy, but if I press an arrow key then it will select the correct enemy. It is likely a compatibility problem with other scripts, but I was wondering if you know of how to make a correction to this script to have it so that when I select to target an enemy it will input a right arrow key (dir_6) then carry on as per normal whenever I go to select an enemy. I tried to add that into your script but where I put it, it gets stuff in a loop so I can’t do anything else. Ideas please.


    • I was able to finally fix this issue. Line 551 in the script under battle_enemy has the line
      fix_selection(arrow_move == 1 ? :horz : :vert)
      If you change the 1 to a 0 it works.
      The only thing it doesn’t for me now is change position when trying to use the mouse to select the actors. But the enemies are working now.


  2. I may have fixed my problem. It was Yanfly battle engine. I tinkered with a few lines of code and now it will only use a ‘revive all’ on the actors that are dead. I think I’m getting smarter.


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