Visual Equip

Last Update: 2012.08.02
Script Download

This script allows to change the graphic of the chacter according to the equips and other conditions. It adds specific bitmaps to the character sprite. It’s possible to set custom graphics to actors, classes, weapons armors and events.

Requires the Victor Engine – Basic Module

Full instructions at the header of the script.

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  1. Hello Victor!
    I’ve always been a fan of your scripts, and you’ve made so many here for VX Ace, Visual Equip being my favorite. So I was curious if you would consider creating an MV plugin of this script that works just like this?


    • I plan to convert all my VX Ace scripts to MV (except the ones that are no longer needed, such as actor battler and fixed parallax). I just when say exactly when a I will convert a specific script.


  2. So is there a way to just go with an entirely different sprite as opposed to just overlaying it?


    • This plugin will never replace an existing graphic, they are always overlaying… but why not simply make an character with a blank graphic and just control it’s “base” with layers?


  3. Hi Victor.
    I apologize in advance for asking you this. I am using Falcao abs and in the menu, it doesn’t seem to reflect the visual change and only shows the base sprite. How would I fix this?


  4. Is there a way to change the Animated Battlers appearance with this script as well? Say I want to add a costume feature, but I want it to not only change the character’s appearance, but the battlers for your Animated Battler’s script as well. (Like through notetags if you use something similar to Holder’s Battlers?) Is that possible?


  5. I just tried using this script and I am at a loss in terms of getting it to work. Where do the extra graphics go? Just in the characters folder? If so, I have a graphic called $Body0. Actor 1 has no base graphic. I use this in the actors notebox.

    id: 1
    name: “$Body0”
    priority: 0

    I start up the game and the character is still invisible.

    Furthermore, if I add to the notebox of, say an armor, and I must include id, then wouldn’t it only change one actor regardless of who equips it? And how does it differentiate between actor or event id?


  6. I’m using different charsets in my game to represent different races -i.e. humans and elves are tall charsets and halflings are vx aces charset height.

    Will this script be able to identify those different charsets like that?


  7. Thought VE was for Visual Equip :v


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