This is a space where I will place those who supported my work most.

  • Alexmpr
  • Andy Lin
  • Anthony Floyd
  • Chris Castro
  • Crocodile Dante Games
  • Douglas Gustafson
  • Darkbit
  • Garlyle Wilds
  • Jerry Pylant
  • Maxwell Petters
  • Revenant Games
  • Rob Arthu
  • Tony Province
  • William Couillard
  • Whitney & Tyrell White

Here are the ones who contributed most, but for everyone else who has also contributed, don’t think that your support is less important. Every comment, advice and cheers is very important to keep me going on doing all this. Thank you all.

  1. Do you do plug-in commissions?


  2. Hello,

    Have you considered updating your “Actors Battlers” VX Ace script to work with MV? A friend and I were making a game that included that script in particular. We’ve recently decided to move our game to MV and are looking for an equivalent. I’ve tried your “Battler Graphic Setup” script but unfortunately it didn’t seem to be what I was looking for. I was wondering if you had any plans to port the script over to MV.



    • The main point of the actors battlers was to display a battler for the actors (since VXa had no actor display at all).

      MV already have an actor display, so the main point of the Actor Battlers sctipt is pointless on MV.


      • You’d be correct, but unfortunately the actor display presently in MV does not allow for what I have in mind.

        First of all, I feel like I should be apologizing since I didn’t bother explaining exactly what I had in mind. The battle system I designed in VX Ace was based on the dynamic battle structure that the older pokemon games and probably some other obscure rpgs used. This is a sketch I made a while back when I was coming up with how battles were gonna be laid out:

        (tom is the player, for reference)

        Then, using your “Actors Battlers” script I was able to get this to work in VX Ace:

        The knight is the player, the scorpion is the enemy. These were placeholder textures though, I was planning the final player design to be facing the enemy.

        Unfortunately, now that we’ve begun porting the game to MV, the new Sideview Battles don’t seem to allow for this.


      • I understand your issue, what i’m saying is that it just not on the scope of this plugin. On ace I aded options to set the actors position simply because there was no “actor’s position” function at all. MV offer this function (even though a bit lacking).

        Anyway, you can always edit the scripts to change that, as far I know, it is just a single line of code at the rpg_sprites.js (although I don’t remember the exact line).


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