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Battle Command Window and Damage Popup 2.0

Hello makers! I’m here to bring another new plugin. The Battle Command Window plugins gives you a very high level of customization over the party command window and actor command window. Similar to the Battle Status Window, you can change the position and size, reorganize the content and display image such as the actor’s faces and other images. I plan to continue making those customization plugins for windows for all window available by default.

Also there is a very important update. The Damage Popup was bumped up to version 2.00. Bu why version 2.00 instead of 1.01 as all other plugins? Different from the other plugin’s updates, this one was more than just bug fixing or adding features. It was a major rework both in the code and how the plugin works. The plugin no longe uses a specific image file to display the damage popup, and instead uses the Game Font for the display. The plugin is totally compatible with the SFont plugin, so you can still use image files if you really wish, although the format of the image is completely different.

Plugins Updated:
Basic Module: Added function to get evaluated font color.
Battle Status Window: Compatibility with Basic Module 1.19.
Damage Popup: Plugin recoded, it now uses the Game Font instead of images for damage popup display.
SFont: Compatibility with Damage Popup 2.00.

50th plugin! Damage Popoup

Hello makers. I’m here to show the Damage Popup, my 50th plugin release for MV! (not counting the Basic Module, as it does nothing alone). The Damage Popup plugin improves the default damage popup display for RPG Maker MV. It adds options to control the popup display motion, add some text information to the damage popup, such as critical damage or damage resistance, and also adds popup for state and buff changes. Each setup is individual, so you can have different settings for the HP damage and HP recover, for example.

Plugins Updated:
Basic ModuleFixed issue with damage popup on action user.
Battler Graphic SetupFixed issue with dead motion.
Command ReplaceAdded remove and add command options.
Element SetCompatibility with Damge Popup.
SFont: Increased the number of SFonts to 64.
Skip Battle LogCompatibility with Damage Popup
Throwable ObjectsRemoved outdated patch.