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MP Levels

Hello, makers. I’m here to bring the second winner for this month voting, the MP Levels. This plugin adds a new variant for the MP mechanic, where MP is divided in levels. The skills that uses MP from one level, can’t be used by spending MP from another level. This system is similar to the one in games like Grandia or Suikoden. It is also pretty similar to the magic casting system from Dungeons & Dragons.

Besides that, I’m here to announce that I will be giving the next and major step into the development of my animated battle engine. The next plugin to be released will be the ‘Battler Motion‘, wich will be the plugin that control the battler action sequence animations.

Plugins Updated:
Basic ModuleAdded function to get width of text with escape codes.
Battle Status WindowFixed issue with target window position and added more custom code Plugin Parameters.
Battler Graphic SetupFixed issue with sprite Y offset.
Damage PopupComatibility with Basic Module 1.20.
Loop AnimationFixed issue with random crash during battles.
Tech PointsAdded escape codes for Tech Points Cost display.