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Sprinte In Windows

Hello, makers. I’m here to bring the first winner from the May Plugin voting: Sprite In Windows. With this plugin, you can place an animated sprite, that can be the actor’s SV Battler or Charset, on the window menus. They can be used to replace the Face graphic, or even be used together with the face. This option is available by default on some windows (Status, Menu Status, Skill Status and Name Edit windows). You can extend this functionality to other windows, but this would require some scripting knowledge, as you need to add the code to display the sprites directly on the window code.

Plugins Updated:
Battle Command Window: Added ‘screenX’ and ‘screenY’ for the actor command.
Dual WieldFixed issue with weapon sprite when main hand is empty.
– Damage Popup: Fixed issue with the plugin not working without the Control Text plugin and fixed issue with MP popup display.