Bug Report

This is a page dedicated for bug reports.
When reporting a bug it’s important to add the following information.

  • Maker version
  • Script/Plugin name and version.
  • List of other Victor Engine Scripts/Plugins being used.
  • Error message (if the game crash). For RPG Maker MV, press F8 and send a screenshot of the console error message. (please, don’t paste the error message here).
  • detailed info about the situation that caused the error.


  • This is not the place to ask for support. If you have a issue with a script/plugin, ask it on it’s own post. To keep this area clean (wich is very important to keep track of wich bugs are fixed or not) only actual bugs will be approved.
  • Incompatibility issues are not bugs. There are scripts/plugins that will simply not work together, I will check if the incompatibility is minor, but if it’s something major, specially if the issue is caused by the other code, there is not much I can do. It’s very improdutive to spend time messing with something that is working fine alone, just because a specific plugin/script not created by me is conflicting with it. You can post incompatibilities here, but they will not be prioritary.
  • Don’t report compatibility issues listing dozen of plugins/scripts from other authors together. Filter wich plugins/scripts are causing the issues with the Victor Engine before reporting. If you post a list with 10 or more scripts/plugins from other authors, don’t expect me to find out wich ones are the issue. Remember: I didn’t do those plugins, so I have no idea of what they are about, so I have to study them. You don’t really expect me to study 10 or 20 different plugins/scripts from different authors to solve a issue that is not caused by my code alone, right?
  • Provide links to plugins/scripts from other authors. Assuming that you followed the above instruction and found the plugin/script that is causing incompatibility, provide a link to the plugin/script being used. If you have the it, you know where it came from, so make my life easier by providing a link to the source. The easier you make it for me, the higher is the chance for me to looking into the issue and trying to find a solution.
  • Reports with insufficient data will be removed without notice. Finding a bug can be hard, so help me to do so by providing all information you can. Like I said just above: The easier you make it for me, the higher is the chance for me to looking into the issue and trying to find a solution.
  • Bugs solved will be kept here and will be tagged as solved, repeated reports will be deleted without notice
  • Currently, my priority will be solving issues with the RPG Maker MV plugins. RPG Maker VX Ace scripts bugs might take longer to be solved, unless they are major issues.
  1. Minor Bug Report

    Maker version: RPGVXAce Version 1.02a
    Script: Terrain States v 1.02 (For RPG Maker VX Ace)
    Other Scripts used: None (Script tested on a new project)
    Error: No crashes but Script won´t work

    In line 141 to 144 the terrain_tag and region_id got mixed up

    def execute_floor_state
    setup_terrain_state($game_map.note, $game_player.terrain_tag)
    setup_terrain_state($game_map.tileset.note, $game_player.region_id)

    Simply swap them

    def execute_floor_state
    setup_terrain_state($game_map.note, $game_player.region_id)
    setup_terrain_state($game_map.tileset.note, $game_player.terrain_tag)

    PS: Awesome scripts Victor! I´m glad that I found your new Homepage. I was a little shocked after the old one went down.


    • Updated the script, thanks for the report.


      • Hi Victor,

        thanks for the update. After reconfiguration my map and tileset note tags, I found an issue with the states not triggering. It is a simple mix up like before.
        To fix the issue you need to change:

        Line 196: get_terrain_id($game_map.note, terrain_tag)
        change to: get_terrain_id($game_map.note, region_id)

        Line 202: get_terrain_id($game_map.tileset.note, ,region_id)
        change to: get_terrain_id($game_map.tileset.note, terrain_tag)

        I checked the script with only the Basic Module (v1.35) and terrain states (1.02) active. Now the region and terrain states are triggered.


  2. Maker version: RPG Maker MV 1.0.1
    Script/Plugin name and version: Charge Actions 1.0
    List of other Scripts/Plugins being used.

    Error message (if the game crash).

    TypeError: Cannot read property ‘frames’ of undefined
    at Object.VictorEngine.waitAnimation (file:///C:/Users/Avis/Documents/Games/Jared/js/plugins/VE_BasicModule.js:208:14)
    at Window_BattleLog.waitChargeAnimation (file:///C:/Users/Avis/Documents/Games/Jared/js/plugins/VE_ChargeActions.js:232:34)
    at Window_BattleLog.callNextMethod (file:///C:/Users/Avis/Documents/Games/Jared/js/rpg_windows.js:4833:31)
    at Window_BattleLog.update (file:///C:/Users/Avis/Documents/Games/Jared/js/rpg_windows.js:4790:14)
    at file:///C:/Users/Avis/Documents/Games/Jared/js/rpg_core.js:5734:19
    at Array.forEach (native)
    at WindowLayer.update (file:///C:/Users/Avis/Documents/Games/Jared/js/rpg_core.js:5732:19)
    at file:///C:/Users/Avis/Documents/Games/Jared/js/rpg_scenes.js:112:19
    at Array.forEach (native)
    at Scene_Battle.Scene_Base.updateChildren (file:///C:/Users/Avis/Documents/Games/Jared/js/rpg_scenes.js:110:19)
    at Scene_Battle.Scene_Base.update (file:///C:/Users/Avis/Documents/Games/Jared/js/rpg_scenes.js:42:10)

    detailed info about the situation that caused the error.
    Attempted to use a Jump command upon a foe, and then it crashed.

    As a side note, it appears that Charge Attack is incompatible with Yanfly’s Battle Core and the Action Sequences, as it appears to not be able to charge while using the plugin, or actions.


    • Thanks for the report, i’ve made a small change on the Basic Module, update the module and tell me if your issue still happens.

      About the compatibility, i don’t know how the action sequences works, but if it overwrites the Window_Battlelog.startAction, then there is not much to be done. since the defaul behavior of this function is vital for the plugin to work. I will take a look if something can be done about that.


    • Ive made a small fix on the Charge Actions. In my tests it’s now working with the Battle Core, although the timing for adding/removing the charge state is different (not much can be done about it)


      • Ah. It’s a shame it doesn’t fully work, with the timing and all. But oh well, that’s how things are, I suppose.


      • Depending on your needs, this shouldn’t be a issue. Only on some corner cases this is actually relevant.


      • Well, despite the changes, it still seems as if the charge action won’t work, as if it never even makes the attempt to try to create the Charge State at all.

        It doesn’t even register on the Console on my end, but perhaps I should keep searching for the answer, or just give up.


      • It’s strange, I tested here with the Battle Core and the 3 Action sequences and it is working fine. Can you post your setup? Maybe there is something wrong with it, or maybe it is confliction with other plugin?


      • Sure!

        VE Basic Module 1.08
        VE Charge Actions 1.0
        Yanfly Core 1.11
        Yanfly Battle Core 1.28d

        This is as narrowed down as I got, and it still produces the error.


      • I this the order of the plugins on the Plugin Manager? If so, try placing the Charge Actions bellow the YF plugins. Sometimes the order of plugins is relevant, specially for those wich overwrite functions (such as the Battle Core does).


  3. Finally it works! Thank you so much for the help!


  4. -Maker version: RPG Maker MV Version 1.0.1
    -Plugin: SFonts 1.02
    -Other plugins used:
    ·TDDP_PreloadManager (Ver 1.1.1)
    ·VE_BasicModule (Ver 1.11)
    ·VE_ControlText (Ver 1.00)
    ·VE_SFonts (1.02)
    ·YEP_CoreEngine (Ver 1.12)
    ·YEP_MainMenuManager (Ver 1.02)
    ·YEP_MessageCore (Ver 1.10
    ·MOG_TitleSplashScreen (Ver 1.0)
    ·MOG_TitlePictureCommand (Ver 1.1)
    ·MOG_MenuCursor (Ver 1.1)
    -Error message: None. There is no crash.
    -Detailed information:
    There is a loading screen too long before you can start playing the game (about 5-6 minutes). The loading screen turns black if you don’t use the TDDP_PreloadManager plugin, but the loading time is the same.
    My settings in SFonts Digits is:
    (Note: There is a whitespace before the first exclamation mark).

    I’m using 24 different images with all those digits. The total weight of all of them is 1,55 Mb.
    I tried disabling the other plugins, except Basic Module, but without success.


    • Please don’t make reports with several plugins from other authors together, there is no way for me to track the issue with so many plugins. If those plugins aren’t relevant to the report, don’t list them.


      • Sorry, I started another project with these settings:

        -Maker version: RPG Maker MV Version 1.0.1
        -Plugin: SFonts 1.02
        -Other plugins used:

        ·VE_BasicModule (Ver 1.12)
        ·VE_ControlText (Ver 1.00)

        -Detailed information:

        The error is the same; there is a loading screen (or black screen) too long before you can start playing the game, about 5-6 minutes.

        My settings in SFonts Digits is:
        (Note: There is a whitespace before the first exclamation mark).

        I’m using 24 different images with all those digits. The total weight of all of them is 1,55 Mb. When you disable the SFonts plugin, there is no loading screen and the game works perfectly, so I think is a bug of that plugin.


      • Then I will need your sfont graphics to test them, I’ve made my tests with all 32 sfont graphics and had no loading issue.

        If you don’t want to share them public, send me via PM at the rpgmakerweb forum


      • I sent you the SFonts files via PM on RPG Maker web.
        I can’t make them public for now.


      • I belive to have found the issue, It’s a issue with the maker, I even reported it at the rmweb forum.
        While my lag wasn’t heavy as yours, using your fonts really caused a freeze when starting the game (about 1-2 mins), this was because your fonts were bigger than the ones i used to test. with some being the triple size.
        Anyway, i’ve updated the plugin, check to see how things run for you. A minor freeze might still happens, but it shouldn’t last more than a few seconds.


      • Thanks, Victor!
        The SFonts works perfectly now.


  5. Bug report. Animated Battlers for MV…Version 1.0 worked totally fine with my game, but when I updated to 1.01 it stopped working in my game…It says “Undefined is not a Function”…and then when I use the debug console, it says that the error is on line 2117. When I go to that line of code I see this.updateMotionRefresh();

    It only works if I comment out that line. But of course the characters face the wrong way. It also has some compatibility issues with Yanfly Battle engine. Tried putting it above and below that script and got varied results..I went back to 1.0 because it’s what’s working for me at the moment..I did try it in a new game though and it worked fine. Not sure.


  6. Hello, I’m getting this error when I’m using your fog script.

    The only scripts I’m currently using is this script.
    Here are my settings:

    id: 1
    name: ‘!$fog’
    opacity: 250
    zoom: 100%
    hue: 0
    blend: 1
    move x: -1
    move y: 2
    depth: 1

    The error occurs when the character goes into battle but other than that, the script seems to be working fine everywhere else!


  7. Would it be possible for you to release the fix early? ;-;
    I really want to a release a game demo with this script included by this week (just because I’ll be busy with school after spring break). It’s alright if you’re unable to, just thought it was worth a shot asking. ;w; **pretty please**


  8. You’re so sweet, Victor ❤
    Thank you so much!


  9. I have an error with your Dual Wield Plugin. Whenever I attempt to use the or I get the following error: http://imgur.com/PaUptf0


    • The plugin was updated today to version (1.01) wich solved a issue with the notetags, check to see if it solve your issue.
      If not, post the notetag you’re using without the < >
      The page thinks the tags are html tags and cut the code.


  10. Maker version: RPG Maker MV

    Script/Plugin name and version: Element Set 1.01

    List of other Victor Engine Scripts/Plugins being used: VE Basic Module 1.20

    Detailed info about the situation that caused the error: The tag isn’t working so I tried this with a newly created project, with just Element Set 1.01 and VE Basic Module 1.20 and it still wasn’t working. I tested in the newly created project by setting the spark skill’s attack formula to “100”, variance to 0, and element to none, then I gave it the note tag “”. I then gave bat a 200% element rate for fire and thunder. When I attacked with spark, the bat only took 100 damage.


  11. Minor Bug Report

    Maker version: RPGVXAce
    Script: State Auto Apply v 1.08 (For RPG Maker VX Ace)
    Other Scripts used: Animated Battler and your ATB script
    Error: No crashes but problem

    Hello victor I use this script for make a sentence state i use this tag:


    it’s work perfectly but when character die if is the last one in party alive or if is the only one,
    is displayed the escape message, the battle will end is displayed the map scene and after this the game over scene.
    I use alot of your script the important 2 is animated battler and the ATB script, i have try to remove the last one and the error does not appear but the ATB script is important how can i solve the problem whitout leave this important script??

    Sorry for my bad English
    I hope you can help me soon as possible.


  12. Maker version: RPG Maker MV Version 1.2.0
    -Plugin: VE_DualWield v1.03
    -Other plugins used:
    VE_BasicModule V1.21 (obviously)

    Plugin works great with one exception: If a Character equips 2 Weapons he instantly stops receiving TP with normal attacks. Still receipt the normal amount if defending or if nothing / shield is equipped in offhand.

    Neither a crash nor an Error message but for me who works greatly with Combat-Techs it greatly weakens a Character to a point that Dual wielding becomes useless.


  13. Maker version: RPG-Maker MV 1.2.0
    Plugin: VE_DualWield v1.03
    Other Plugins used: VE_Basic Module v 1.21
    Error: No crashes but problem
    Hello Victor

    Thanks for this great Plugin, it works great with only one problem: as soon as I equip one of my Characters with two weapons he stops receipting TP’s for normal attacks. He still receipt some if defending or if hit by enemy or if he has only one weapon or a weapon with shield equipped.
    With this a Dual wielding Character could use much less Combat-Techs which makes Dual wielding rather useless ;-(
    FYI: I also tried “fixing” it by using Yanfly’s Plugin for alternative TP’ gaining but even there a Dual wielding Character was only gaining TP’s by defending or getting hit


  14. Found what I think is a bug with Trait Control for VXAce (unless I’m doing something wrong). Trying to my own custom evaluations, but every attempt ends with a crash — even on a fresh project. Here’s the eval I’m using on a weapon:


    and this is the error I’m getting:


    • Ah, naturally the eval wouldn’t come out. Here it sis again (with the brackets replaced with parenthesis)

      (trait custom: basic param, 0, 500)
      (/trait custom)

      Also, after experimenting a little bit, the game only crashes if the corresponding equipment is equipped to a character.


  15. Maker version: RPGMaker MV 1.3.1

    Plugin: VE_ActiveTimeBattle

    Other Plugins: VE_BasicModule, VE_BattlerGraphicSetup, VE_BattleMotions,
    VE_FogAndOverlays, TerraxLighting.

    So I have a event that calls battle processing and it has Win/Loss conditions that I want to play out. So I first tried out the win conditions and… it just replayed the entire event page from the beginning. Then I tried the Loss Conditions and… I got an error. Below is a full error report: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9lwulvVs8A-dVoxaU95dkFVX2s/view?usp=sharing

    I have tested it with the Lighting Plugin disabled and got the same end result. Other than this little hiccup, I do love this plugin.


  16. Hello, can you help?
    With the plugin Battle Motions, if you are defeated in battle, you get this crash.
    I also tested a new project using only the Basic and Battle Motions module, but still get the same error.

    Liked by 1 person

  17. Bug Report

    Maker version: Rpg Maker MV

    Plugin: VE_Battle Motion v1.03

    List of other Victor Engine Scripts/Plugins:
    – VE_Basic Module
    – VE_throwableObjects
    – VE_ActiveTimeBattle
    – VE_CastAnimations
    – VE_DamagePopup
    – VE_SkillAmmunitions

    Teh Bug:
    I’m trying to create a skill that the actor jumps on the target with the sword on hand while he attacks at the middle of the jump. The problems is, the sword appears like the actor is on the ground and not in the air.



  18. Maker version: RMMV

    Script/Plugin: VE_SkillAmmuniton

    List of other Victor Engine Scripts/Plugins being used.:
    – VE_BasicModule
    – VE_BattleMotion
    – VE_ThrowableObjects
    – VE_ActiveTimeBattle
    – VE_CastAnimations
    – VE_DamagePopup
    – VE_DualWield

    The problem is. When you tag a weapon with the argument “equiped”, even if the ammunition is not equiped you can freely attack with that weapon and it doesn’t consume the ammunition. Example:

    I have the weapon Rifle.
    In its note tag box we have:

    I can attack with this weapon with the ammunition equiped or not. When equiped the weapon spends ammunition, when not equiped I can attack but dont spend ammunition.


  19. Small bugs.
    The fonts that are provided for the SFont plugin are out of date as the file names are not the ones the plugin uses, nor do the fonts have the correct characters and in order.


  20. Hey victor miss ya so much. Hands down the best plugins around. Found a bug Since the latest RPG maker update. The bug is in your Battle Motions plugin. If you use a battle motion that changes the battle background It crashes the game. Hope you return soon bud


    • It happens only with the latest RM Version? I’m planning to come back but time and my internet service don’t cooperate with my plans


      • Yes as far as i can tell its the Rpg maker 1.3.4 update that it started happening. I am not that great at scripting. Iv been trying to figure it out but no luck so far. Glad to hear you may be coming back soon.Sorry to hear about your internet service. Hope things get better for ya soon.


  21. Help! Victor, I’m using the Follower Options and Pixel Momement scripts, and I can not get the player to use a vehicle in the game, apparently it cancels the movement and by removing one of the scripts this works normally. But I need both! T ° T

    As you understand I’m using the RPG Maker vx Ace… and it’s supposed to be the latest version of Steam (Sorry I do not see which version I have, I’m dumb T.T)
    Ah! And is the Spanish version…

    I tried if it was an error of other Scripts, but as you will see I have only the Basic Module and the two already mentioned … much more information I can not give you T’T


  22. Victor, I’m Getting an undefined is not a function off of BattleMotions on MV 1.3.3. for Sprite_

    I know you’ve been having internet troubles, so i’m not asking you to rush or anything.


  23. Maker version: RMMV 1.3.5
    Script: Victor Active Time Battle v 1.01 (For RPG Maker MV) with “full active” ATB update mode
    Other Scripts used: Victor Basic Module v 1.22
    Error: if an actor gets a “can’t move” status (like death) from an enemy when you have to give a command to him (attack, defend etc.) it’s impossible to use other actors with ready ATB bar (screen: http://oi64.tinypic.com/11ghxdu.jpg here the active actor died and the battle is freezed with only the orc that can attack)


  24. Hello.
    I have a problem with Light Effects script on VX Ace.
    It’s working fine, but I cannot disable or cancel “actor lantern” after I use it. It can be removed by set opacity to 0, but on different maps i need different light on actor. On one map I need simple “actor light”, but on other I need “actor lantern”. Is it possible to switch between them somehow?


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