Finally Back! Conditional Turn Battle

Hello makers! It’s been a long time. I won’t drag too much into the reasons that I stayed away too long, it was just a long sequence of misfortunes that took a lot of my time to solve. But now they are solved and I hope to not go away again for a long time.

With my return I’m bringing the Conditional Turn Battle (CTB) plugin. This plugin was probably the start of my away time due to several issues that I couldn’t solve that drained my motivation very fast. But as I have posted before, I’ve won my fight! The CTB is a system that changes how turns in battle works. Instead of selecting all actions of all battlers and then entering on a turn phase where all those actions are executed, You choose the action of each battle individually, and the action is executed as sooh you finish choosing. The order of actions can change based on the battler speed and the speed of the action. Using faster actions will allow the battler take it’s turn sooner. This system was used on Final Fantays X as the first time the ATB system wasn’t used on a main series Final Fantasy since it’s debut on FFIV.

Plugins Updated:
Active Time Battle: Fixed issue with commands when the inputing actor dies.
Basic Module: Added functions for damage formula.
Battle Motions: Added element and formula motions for action sequences, fixed issue with performVictory for game troop and compatibility with Cooperation Skills.
Skill Ammunition: Fixed issue with equiped ammunition requirement.

BTW.: there is a very obvious hint on the next plugin that will be released on the plugins updated.

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  1. Undead Sephiroth

    Is this CTB compatible with rmvx ace?


  2. About the jump and moving platforms on VX Ace…are you going to bring it to MV?


  3. Great to see you and thank you for CTB!!


  4. I noticed that this plugin breaks mid-combat events based on turns. Makes sense, since it changes how turns work.

    Is there any way around this, or am I out of luck? Is there a way to enable CTB mid combat?


    • I doesn’t break, but since turns are counter differently, they will happens at different times.


      • Strange, does Turn 0 not exist in the CTB?
        Most of my mid battle events are supposed to happen right before taking control, but every Turn 0 event stopped running with CTB enabled.


  5. Does this work with Yanfly’s Battle Core? Because Yanfly’s script of this is bugged.


  6. Hello, I do not speak English so I translate Japanese by Google translation.I’m sorry.

    Picture1:Icons are not displayed correctly. Another icon is displayed overlapping.I confirmed that it is not displayed correctly except Icon Size 64×64.

    Picture2:The size of enemy icon does not change.

    Picture3:There is an icon which is shifted to the left. Is Active Display Offset applied only to the first one?


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