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This plugin allows you to create more elaborated animation sequence for the battle motions. You can control each step of the action motions: the movements, animations, timing, effects… You can completely change how the actions looks.

Requires the Victor Engine – Basic Module

Learn how to Install Victor Engine Plugins

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  1. So I have this skill that uses different damage calculation formula, one uses (atk + mat) – (def + mdf) while the other one just use (mat – mdf) and elemental resistance applies to this skill. Can anyone help me with this one?


    • If you want the same skill to use different damage formulas for each hit, then it’s not possible for now.
      While you can set different % of damage for each hit, you can’t set different formulas.

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  2. When the battler take a counter attack,the System have a message: cannot read the property ’action‘ for null.


  3. I have a strange error, after hero dies in battle,Undefined in not a function. can u help me fix this?


  4. When all the battlers die in action I get a undefined is not a function error. Using the debugger In the debug message this is what is says.

    at Function.BattleManager.processDefeat (VE BattleMotions.js:1899)


  5. I have a strange error, after hero dies in battle,Undefined is not a function. can u help me fix this?


  6. Do you have a tutorial on making those animated battlers? Also, thank you for the wonderful plugins 🙂


  7. This plugin is great. I’m actually switching to this, coming from yanfly’s version.

    One issue though is that there seems to be a conflict with yanfly’s Victory Aftermath plugin. When a battle ends, the battler’s victory animation begins to freak out and they start to twitch rapidly as if the animation tries to start, but gets interrupted and starts over.


  8. Hi! Awesome Plugin! Mind if i asked you some requests and questions?
    1. Can you make a simple battle motions tutorial for Multi 3+ Hit Combo attack and Multi 3+ Combo Random Attack please?
    2. Will you updating more tutorial for your battle motion?


  9. There’s something REALLY wrong with this plugin. When I tried to playtest my game, it told me that the Victor Basic Module isn’t compatible with the YE Battle Engine, and the two have never had problems with one another before.

    When I disabled that, it gave me an error saying that it needed BattlerGraphicsSetup to be placed below it. But it already was!

    I just checked to see if any of my plugins were out of date and they weren’t. And I don’t have anything else that’d mess with the battle engine. I am soooo confused right now.


    • There is nothing wrong wit it. This plugin is not supposed to work YEP Battle Engine.

      They can’t be used together as they generates too many conflicts between them. There is nothing that can be done, as both plugins changes the default engine too much to ever work together.


  10. Hi! Great plugin. I am new to rpg maker and I have a question. Is it possible to use those battle motions to enemies too?


  11. Great to see ya back Victor! There seems to be a problem with changing battlebacks mid battle using your battle motions plugin. I think some things have changed in the rpg sprites.js Since you have been away.I think i posted in the bug report a while back. missed ya bud!


    • Awww crap im so sorry vic. Its not a bug on your end. its not playing nice with yanfly core. and scaling battle backs. Do you plan to make a resolution script in the future?
      Cause I like your scripts sooo much more lol.


  12. Oi, eu coloqueie ste plugin, mas ao testar o jogo ele fala q precisa do VE Battle Graphics Setup, mas eu já o tenho instalado… Sabe me dizer o pq não funciona?


  13. Hey Victor, loving the plugins, I was just wondering.

    Is it possible to setup addition motions for battlers via these plugins?
    Or am I still restricted to using the default ones ( idle, wait, swing etc.)?


  14. Alexander Martinez

    Hi! I have a question. Is there a way to change the default animations of the plugin to the rpg maker standard ones? Thanks!


  15. Hi sir, can you give tutorial how to use back stab? i can’t change my character direction


  16. I got an error when encounter the monster troop it shows

    TypeError: Cannot read property ‘push’ of undefined
    at Game_Actor.Game_Battler.requestActionMontion (/F:/RMMV%20GAME/open%20adventure/js/plugins/VE_BattleMotions.js:2891)
    at Sprite_Actor.Sprite_Battler.processEntryMotion (/F:/RMMV%20GAME/open%20adventure/js/plugins/VE_BattleMotions.js:3103)
    at Sprite_Actor.startEntryMotion (/F:/RMMV%20GAME/open%20adventure/js/plugins/VE_BattleMotions.js:3766)
    at Sprite_Actor.setBattler (rpg_sprites.js:722)
    at Spriteset_Battle.updateActors (rpg_sprites.js:2657)
    at Spriteset_Battle.update (rpg_sprites.js:2449)
    at Spriteset_Battle.update (/F:/RMMV%20GAME/open%20adventure/js/plugins/VE_BattleMotions.js:3903)
    at Spriteset_Battle.Spriteset_Base.initialize (rpg_sprites.js:2127)
    at Spriteset_Battle.initialize (rpg_sprites.js:2428)
    at new Spriteset_Battle (rpg_sprites.js:2421)rpg_managers.js:1756 SceneManager.catchException


  17. Hi I’m trying to use the Dragoon Jump skill. I have followed the video tutorial and posted the
    crash log, hopefully you can see something i cant. Test battle loads up and runs fine even able to perform other skills and such but as soon as i select Jump skill.
    I’m not using any other plugins either except the 4 main plugins you provide for the Jump
    Skill to function
    TypeError: undefined is not a function
    at Window_BattleLog.uniqueTargets (VE_BasicModule.js:1142)
    at Window_BattleLog.setupCurrentAction (VE_BattleMotions.js:4251)
    at Window_BattleLog.startChargeAction (VE_ChargeActions.js:308)
    at Window_BattleLog.startAction (VE_ChargeActions.js:279)
    at Window_BattleLog.startAction (VE_UnreachableTarget.js:470)
    at Function.BattleManager.startAction (rpg_managers.js:2304)
    at Function.BattleManager.processTurn (rpg_managers.js:2232)
    at Function.BattleManager.processTurn (VE_ChargeActions.js:162)
    at Function.BattleManager.updateTurn (rpg_managers.js:2220)
    at Function.BattleManager.update (rpg_managers.js:2045)
    at Scene_Battle.updateBattleProcess (rpg_scenes.js:2062)


  18. Victor, i want to make a combined motion, eg: when you have x amount of tp and you press “z” button, you can attack again. I can make that whitout problem, but when the target is dead, you can continue attacking to the air, because the target is dead. How can i write the code? “if target.isAlive()” doesn’t work.


  19. I got questions.
    If I want my enemy been selected to show animation,
    how should I set subjects?
    I use skill ,the scope is 1 enemy, and I want my enemy to show animation in the sequence other than effect sequence.
    How can I do this?


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