Getting back into activity

As everyone has already noticed, my activity dropped a lot since the last month, I’m here to explain why, and also say that this has finally ended.

Some people already know that I keep two jobs: my main job and a part time job. Last month I had a very unpredictiable change on my main job, I work at a school office, and not only I was moved to another school, but also my work schedule waqs heavly changed. Due to this, I basically had zero spare time on business days. Due to this I decided to leave my part time job, but I couldn’t simply drop it and leave the guy who gave me that opportunity without somone, so I endured some time on this really pushing schedule. But now I will be really free (I will just close this month). With this I will get back the free time I had back before all those changes.

But I didn’t abandon the maker for all this time, and here are some updates I made while I couldn’t put as much time as I wanted on it.

Plugins Updated:
Active Time Battle: Fixed issue with Atb Delay and Cast Cancel and added cast start motion for the Battle Motions plugin.
Battle Motions: Fixed issue with counter attacks and with events after evented battles.
Charge Actions: Compatibility bugfix with Battle Motions
Critical Hit Effects: Fixed issue with Early Critical check.
Tile Priotity: Compatibility with RPG Maker v 1.3.0

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  1. I know it’s an old post, but I just wanted to tell you, after finding some of your plugins and working with them in some of my games, your plugins have pretty much replaced almost everything I had from another plugin maker, who shall remain nameless. I just wanted to thank you, and if I ever do get the opportunity and ability, I will be doing more to support you. Thanks for your incredible work.


    • Thank you.

      I hope to be actually back soon. It’s quite ironic that when I made this post I was through a creative block, and when I finally managed to overcome it, I had problems with my ISP.


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