Character Control

Last Update: 2012.08.02
Script Download

This script allows to control character chaset animations. You can set different graphis for walking, dashing and jumping, also you can display pose animations with simple comment call. This allows to animate characters on the map without the need of long Move Route event commands.

Requires the Victor Engine – Basic Module

Full instructions at the header of the script.

  1. Although I don’t think you’ll see this… do you think that this would work with Falcao’s ABS? Like having the sprite change when this button is pressed and animating an attack? Thank you in advance!


  2. I’m very sorry for another comment, taking time out of your work, but how would you set up the poses as the sprites? The default sprites are generally seen as moving, so what order would you put the idle or any stances? I understand if you’re working, so… sorry…


    • I don’t get what do you mean by “what order would you put the idle or any stance”.
      The ir no order or something like this. Each pose use a different file. and are identified by sufix on their filenames.

      For example, you have a charset named ‘$Actor’, you need the following files:
      $Actor # graphic for the idle pose
      $Actor[wlk] # graphic for the walking pose
      $Actor[dsh] # graphic for the dahing pose
      $Actor[jmp] # graphic for the jumping pose

      Each of them is a different charset graphic file.

      Any other pose will also need their own sufix and own graphic (other poses aren’t used by default, they are only used when called with comments or script call).


      • What I mean is when drawing the files, depending on which one it is, in what order would you draw the graphics? Like breathing up and then down, instead of having the walking movements, where would you put the chest going up, down etc. I’m very sorry if I wasn’t specific at first, so I’ll try to be more detailed

        However an example would be:

        Erase a character sheet, and replace the sprites to put the movement for the idle stance. Same with jumping and any other poses. The walking and dashing would have the same default order in the sprite sheet, right? Because it’s movement on ground.

        Is it like the extra movement, where it goes left to right? or is it only like the default order: [middle, left, right.]

        It’s okay if you can just send me links on a template sheet, like in the gif since I, once again, have to recognize that you still have work. Anyway, thank you in advance, and have a nice day!


      • If you are talking about the directions, nothing change.


  3. How Do you change the Player’s Animation Speed?


  4. Here’s another stupid question from your buddy Axel:
    How do you create animated idle poses? I’ve tried multiple methods including Multi Frames, but I can’t figure out how to have my characters not have static idle poses.


  5. Hey Victor,
    You probably don’t work on these anymore but is it possible to make followers use their dash animation when leader does? I am using your suite of scripts ie multiframe, diagonal movement and character animations and it kinda bugs me when the leader dashes and followers use their walk pose at an increased speed. Is this possible or would the script need adjusting?


  6. Hey victor, I’m having some issues with the script. Could you help me here?


  7. Hello!
    I’m using this script in my project and I’m having a big problem. I program the menus of my game using events, and as soon as I add this script in specific, when I decide to open the menu (which is by events, as said before) the FPS goes from 60 to 4, leaving the game absurdly slow. And when I close the menu, the FPS returns to normal.
    I tried doing these steps without your script and it worked normally, FPS 60, all in perfect harmony.
    Could you help me with that? It is a very useful script indeed, but if I use it I will disable my menu. How could we solve the problem?


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