Multi Frames

Last Update: 2012.01.04
Script Download

This script allows to use charset graphics with a number of frames different from 3.

Requires the Victor Engine – Basic Module

Full instructions at the header of the script.

  1. I am super confused as to what I am doing wrong.
    This is the image file I made, named “$mario_multiframetest_f8”


    • let’s see what the script instructions say:

      To change the number of frames of a charset graphic, add [f*] to it's 
      name, where * is the number of frames.

      As you can see [f8] is different from f8 .


      • I’m so sorry; I’ve actually got it working perfectly by now. Loving it so far. ^.^
        Except for one thing. Is this script compatible with your Diagonal Movement?

        Mario’s idle frames work fine in diagonal, but his diagonal walk cycle doesn’t use the right sheet. I named it “$mario[f8][wlk][diag]” and “$mario[f8][diag][wlk]”, but neither filename shows results.


      • it is, but the [wlk] sufix has nothing to do with the diagonal movement or Multi frames.


  2. …What.
    I have separate sheets for Idle and Walking, both 4-directional and diagonal. I use no tags for the standing poses and [wlk] for walking. So why doesn’t he walk diagonally?

    Do I have to take off the [wlk] suffix from the walking pose, can I only use one sheet for diagonal movement, or what?


  3. I understand that; can you please explain how this would work, then?


    • take the wlk sufix, there is not separated charset for the walk and idle. The idle is the first frame of the charset. If you want the charset to have different idle and walking charsets you need another script that is neither the diagonal movement or multi frames.


      • Ahh, I thought so. Ah, well. That’s not too bad.
        Thanks for being patient with me, Mr. Sant, and thank you so much for all these amazing scripts. ^_^

        I plan to put ’em to good use!


  4. Excuse me Mr. Sant, but is there a way to use this script to not include frame 0 when cycling between the walking frames, but return to frame 0 when idle?


  5. Victor Sant It is not working I had Named my chracter file “$mario_multiframetest_f8” as you said when I make it as a main chracter it does not work what is my problem??


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