Last Update: 2011.12.21
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SFont Sample

This script allows the use of SFonts. SFonts is a image file that replaces the normal font.

What are SFonts? (from http://rubygame.org/docs/) SFont is a type of bitmapped font, which is loaded from an image file with a meaningful top row of pixels, and the font itself below that. The top row provides information about what parts of of the lower area contains font data, and which parts are empty. The image file should contain all of the glyphs on one row, with the colorkey color at the bottom-left pixel and the “skip” color at the top-left pixel.

Requires the Victor Engine – Basic Module

Full instructions at the header of the script.

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  1. Hello, thanks for this amazing code! I can’t quite understand how to change the font tho ? Can you give an example ?


    • Each font is assigned to a color code according to the setup on the VE_SFONT_NAMES, then you need to “change the color” of the font, using the escape code \c[X] (where it is allowed), you can also hardcode the color change, although this requires some scripting knowledge.

      For example, the default setup of the plugin, \c[3] is the arial blue SFont. You might need the plugin Control Codes, to have SFont control on all windows


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