Battle Status Window

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This plugin allows you to customize the battle status window display. You can change the layout, position of the content, add faces and other images and more.

Requires the Victor Engine – Basic Module

Learn how to Install Victor Engine Plugins

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  1. Can you post the settings for making the FF9 style battle status window that you showed in the video? And the others too?


    • The point of the plugin is for the user to make their personal setup. Providing pre-made setup for people to just copy paste will end with everyone with the same windows, wich is exactly the opposite of what this plugin is supposed to do.


      • This is true, but we could at least use them as templates that we could tweak to suit our liking.


      • More than 10 years making scripts for rpg maker showed me that this is not how people think.
        Adding samples like this will just lead to a lot of people just copy/pasting them and having a lot of clones out there.
        Also, people can acheive the same results with a little bit of extra effort.


  2. FYI this doesn’t seem to work on Battle Test.


  3. Hi, Victor Sant! I was wondering how/if I can add an ATB gauge to this plug-in?


    • I mean an external ATB. Unfortunately your ATB plug-in does not work with Yanfly’s series, and I’m also using several of hers.


      • You will need a specific code from whatever ATB plugin you’re using to be added on the custom code field. Wich is the code? I have no idea, you will need to look through the plugin to find out.


      • It won’t let me reply directly to your comment for some reason, so I have to do it here. Anyway, I decided to use your ATB system plug-in because it was recommended, though I’m having some issues with making it show up, as well. If you can access my email, we could talk there, I’m just having some issues can I can’t explain them real well without pictures.


      • Support via personal contact is a benefit only for patrons at patreon, you can post here any screenshot you need


      • How do I put a picture in here? It’s not letting me. Sorry Victor, just trying to get this to work. Nub at RPGM and scripting in general XD


      • Anyway, I’m just going to keep the ATB issue, since it isn’t all that bad… Anyway, how would I remove the maximums from HP, MP, and TP like you have in your set-up? I don’t car so much about the other aesthetics, and I do want to keep the status bars, but how would I remove the maximums from the shown values?


      •  *  *** Notice that the Max HP display depends on the gauge width and fontsize.
         *    If there is not enough room for it to be drawn, it will be not show at all.


  4. Fantastic plugin! I’ve been able to achieve the first steps towards the look I’m going for with this.

    I would like to be able to make the same kind of adjustments that you can do for when a character is “Active” but on a character turn (when they perform their selected action). An example being when they perform the action, I can have the content of their window move up on the Y axis and then back to it’s original position once the action is complete, much like in Earthbound/Mother 2.

    I took a look and the .js and tried to see, with my limited capabilities, what I could do, but it didn’t work out. Could this be something to look forward to in future updates?

    Again, thank you so much for all of the hard work!


  5. Hi Victor, Thank you so much for this plugin.

    Do you know the proper way to hide and show your battle window during battle? I would like to hide the battle window before the battle starts then show it after my intro.

    Thank you again for this plugin and keep up your awesome work.


    • There is no command for that as the plugin only edit the visual part, but don’t change the behavior of the window.

      The code to hide the window is, on the Scene_Battle, this._statusWindow.hide() and the code to show it is You will need to edit the code to add those codes on the corret parts (wich will depend on what exactly you want to do)


  6. I’m not sure if I missed this or not, but is there a way to turn off the display for max HP/MP/TP? I was tweaking the text sizes to fit inside the guages, but once they got small enough to fit inside, it left enough room for the Max values to display, which covered the entire gauge.

    I tried changing the max value font sizes to be either too big or 0, but it didn’t seem to help.


  7. Chandler Rounsley

    I love this script but I’ve been having a problem with a few of my skills. I don’t know what the common factor is but a few of them cause a TypeError when used and it says “Cannot read property ‘item’ of null”

    Here’s a screenshot of my output and one of the skills that causes it:

    I’m trying to figure it out but I figured you might have some insight I could use. Thanks in advance.


  8. Hi Victor,
    I get an error everytime I try to display a background for “Actor Active Back”. All the rest is working, including the display of other backgrounds. I tried to turn OFF all other plugins but the problem is still here.


  9. You can find it here: thanks for your support


  10. Hi Victor, Thank you so much for this plugin.

    I also reproduced. “TypeError: Can not read property ‘iconIndex’ of null ‘.

    I confirmed the occurrence with only the following plug-in.
    “VE_BasicModule.js ver1.23”
    “VE_BattleStatusWindow.js ver 1.04”

    Trigger of error is below.
    · Create a new project.
    · Insert the above plug-in.
    · Change the target of the sample skill to yourself.
    · Create battle events.
    · Actor uses skills targeted at himself during battle.

    Error log.
    TypeError: Can not read property ‘iconIndex’ of null
        At Scene_Battle.setActionIcon (file: /// C: /Users/admin/Documents/Games/Project2/js/plugins/VE_BattleStatusWindow.js: 1406: 43)
        At Scene_Battle.onSelectAction (file: /// C: /Users/admin/Documents/Games/Project2/js/plugins/VE_BattleStatusWindow.js: 1377: 8)
        At Scene_Battle.onSkillOk (file: /// C: /Users/admin/Documents/Games/Project2/js/rpg_scenes.js: 2587: 10)
        At Window_BattleSkill.Window_Selectable.callHandler (file: /// C: /Users/admin/Documents/Games/Project2/js/rpg_windows.js: 902: 31)
        At Window_BattleSkill.Window_Selectable.callOkHandler (file: /// C: /Users/admin/Documents/Games/Project2/js/rpg_windows.js: 1171: 10)
        At Window_BattleSkill.Window_Selectable.processOk (file: /// C: /Users/admin/Documents/Games/Project2/js/rpg_windows.js: 1156: 14)
        At Window_BattleSkill.Window_Selectable.processHandling (file: /// C: /Users/admin/Documents/Games/Project2/js/rpg_windows.js: 1027: 18)
        At Window_BattleSkill.Window_Selectable.update (file: /// C: /Users/admin/Documents/Games/Project2/js/rpg_windows.js: 984: 10)
        At file: /// C: /Users/admin/Documents/Games/Project2/js/rpg_core.js: 7029: 19
        At Array.forEach (native)


  11. hey with this plugin can you make like a circular battle status window like that goes around instead of up and down, I just wanna try something different then typical up and down. I guess what i’m asking is how creative can we get with this plugin


    • It’s possible, you can set the individual position for each status by using a more complex code for the position offset X/Y values. The specific code will depend on what exactly you want.


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