Dual Wield

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This plugin improves the Dual Wield trait. The equip slot is changed so the actor don’t lose it’s ability to use shields, being able to choose a shield or weapon. The battle motion is also changed, so each weapon has it own attack motion, the damage is also calculated separated for each attack. Beside this, the plugin adds new features such as two handed weapons, double grip, bare handed and others.

Requires the Victor Engine – Basic Module

Learn how to Install Victor Engine Plugins

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  1. Good is similar to Darck souls is a good plugin 😀 (Im bad for speak)


  2. The dualwielder can’t gain TP from basic attacks when using this plugin, for some reason.


  3. Can confirm the bug that the dual wield actor gains no tp from normal attacks.


  4. Yeah dual wielding actors gain no tp from normal attacks


  5. It appears this is no longer compatible with Yanfly’s Equip Core (using v1.15), previous version had no conflict so I’m sure it’s Yanfly’s changes that introduced the incompatibility.


    • The version I had when I made the patch (and I still have) is the version 1.11.
      It has just a minor display issue with left handed characters, but other than that it works fine.


  6. Right, It worked in battle test mode, but it would crash at the equip window when attempting to open.


  7. Now the dual-wielder gains TP, but he goes back to his starting position in between his attacks now. 😦


  8. I also noticed this. As well now if the first hit will kill an enemy , and there are still more enemies available, the second strike attempts to strike the already defeated target and plays the collapse sound effect a second time.


  9. Hi Victor, great job with this plugin! I’ve notice quite a major bug with it that you might want to fix. If one of your party members is a dual wielder and is confuse. If this same party actor attack himself, the second hit makes the game crash with the error “Object too deep”


  10. I installed your plugins Basic Module & Dual Wield, but when i try to equip weapon with notetag I got this https://pp.userapi.com/c637925/v637925945/3cbb2/cHOtMDx1iyw.jpg
    what I did wrong?


  11. I was looking for a good dual wield for a few days and this is it. no more dual wielding 2h weapons.
    Thank you


  12. Hello, is there any way this is compatible with WeaponSkill plugin?

    Thank you


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