MP Levels

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This plugin adds a new variant for the MP mechanic, where MP is divided in levels. A skill that consume MP from a level can’t be used by spending MP from another level. This system is similar to games like Suikoden and Grandia.

Requires the Victor Engine – Basic Module

Learn how to Install Victor Engine Plugins

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  1. Man you are awesome i was waiting for this )


  2. I have two questions. First, is there any way for MP levels to have custom names? For example MP level 5 is called SE or something. Second is there any way for classes to only show certain MP levels? For example the Crusader class only shows MP Levels 1, 4,5, and 7.

    Thank you for this amazing script, and for all of your help.


    • You can’t directly assing names to the levels, but you can use escape codes. Using the plugin ‘VE – Escape Codes’ you can use script codes, so you can use the level value (using %1) and the \e[‘x’] escape code to get a text from a script.
      But this would require some scripting knowledge.

      About the second question, it’s not possible. You can have some character to have less levels available, but they will always go in order.


  3. Ok, thank you very much. In that regard, I assume with enough scripting knowledge that it is possible to have different classes call their MP levels different things? For example, A Black Mage refers to MP level 1 as Mana, While a Ranger refers to it as focus.
    If so, then that would work just as well.


  4. In that case, is there any sort of formula I could use to determine which states are applied to the user? For example if I use the escape code \e[classId*10+%1], how would I get the current character’s class?

    Sorry to keep asking questions.


  5. OK, thank you for all of your help


  6. how can i change the font size ? can you help me.I can only change the text witdth on windows base.


  7. one of my favorite scripts ever!!!

    now i have to figure out how to make little gaugess for mp level


  8. Hello Victor.
    This plugin is awesome, but I was hoping you could assist me with something.
    I’d like to make the members of my party gain MP based on their Magic Stat, like in Suikoden. Can you explain to me how I’d go about doing that?

    Liked by 1 person

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