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This plugin allows the use of SFonts. SFonts are image files that replaces the normal font.

What are SFonts? (from http://rubygame.org/docs/) SFont is a type of bitmapped font, which is loaded from an image file with a meaningful top row of pixels, and the font itself below that. The top row provides information about what parts of of the lower area contains font data, and which parts are empty. The image file should contain all of the glyphs on one row, with the colorkey color at the bottom-left pixel and the “skip” color at the top-left pixel.

Note: If you had the version prior to v1.02, you will need to add the digits “*” and “@” to your SFont Digits setup.

Requires the Victor Engine – Basic Module

Learn how to Install Victor Engine Plugins

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  1. One thing that’s always bugged me about SFonts is how you have to make different fonts for different colors… there should be a way to make 1 grey-scale font and have a system in place that tints them the proper colors.
    Would make it easier in my mind…
    still, it is better than the default fonts.
    The default fonts are blurry if you try and make a style that’s pixelated.


    • I tried add some tinting based on the color of the windowskin, but they didn’t look good. For example, if you have a white font with black border and tint it to red, it will become a white font with black border (not a red font with black border). Maybe I will add a Hue option (hues don’t mess with black/white like tone do)


      • Ahhh. I just thought i would mention it. It’s sort of a pain to set up all those fonts just for different colors. Especially if you want a different font and or color fonts for messages verses the status menu.


  2. Is there any software anywhere that helps in making SFonts? I made one and it’s not working and i have no clue why… i have no idea what i’m doing.


  3. In a fresh project, using the example Arial fonts provided, I noticed small pink pixels appearing above certain letters in some menus, like Equip screens and Input Name Processing.

    Example: http://imgur.com/tR5ffdp


  4. In the main menu, the font that displays the Hero’s HP and MP are overlapping the backslash as seen here:

    I do not think it is an issue with my particular sfont as I also included a normal Show Message with that backslash and adjacent numbers and it is spaced fine.


  5. The main menu status font is deformed and becoming anti-aliased somehow. All other font, like the main menu selections, show message, battle, etc. are fine.

    The only scripts installed are VE_BasicModule and SFonts. Occurs in both normal & full screen mode.


  6. I found a MINOR issue… you changed the script up and where the digits are typed in a few digits were missing.. specificially the * and the @.
    SO if anyone is having issues with sfonts they already have it’s because those 2 are missing.
    Paste this in it and it will fix the issue.
    This is only and issue though if you already have a sfont made based on how the plugin was set up before.


    • They’re not missing. Sadly the maker don’t allows to use * and @ on the default parameter.
      I forgot to tell that who updated the plugin would need to update the SFont to match this change. My bad.


      • Well it worked for me when i added them back. And it’s working for me to use those.. O.o
        Are you use those 2 digits don’t work in RPG Maker? Maybe you missed something? I added them back and even tested them.. they work. O.o


      • When you install the plugin there is a default list of digits, right? There is no way to add those digits on this default list. So, when the plugin is installed, those character will never show.

        But the user can edit the list and add them just fine.


      • Oh i thought you were saying they did not work at all.
        I still think that might help folks so they don’t have to change the sfonts they made already.


  7. Sorry to bother yourself Victor,the fonts can be in any size? I want to use FF8 fonts but they are rather large and looks bad when i resize them. Excuse me for my bad english and thanks you very much.


    • The plugin draws the fonts as they are, so if the image file is large, the text will be large.
      Are you editing the fonts with wich program? When i resize fonts with photoshop i don’t have much issues.


  8. Hey how i add special characters like ñ áéíóú¿


  9. the spacing between lines is far too great. is there a way to tighten it up? I thought it was
    my sfont graphic but i have no space between the top or bottom.


  10. thank you. how would I do that? what file do I edit?


  11. Hi there! Thanks for your work on these plugins, it’s really appreciated. I was wondering if it’s possible to change the tracking/spacing between each letter? I planned on using a font with some rather large-ish drop shadows, so the space between each character ends up being little too wide.


    • By default the space between is decided by the digit itself. You can edit the code to reduce the spaces between them on this line:

      tx += value.width;

      For example:

      tx += value.width – 8;

      notice that it will apply to every character, so you need to have that in mind when setting up your font.


  12. Is there any way in which you could add the ability to assign a colour for the ‘greyed out’ text.
    I’d like it to be a different colour entirely to my normal text and not just be a transparent faded version of it.

    For example, my normal text is black. But the ‘greyed out’ text is in Red.

    Thanks if you’re able to look into it! 🙂


    • By default, the maker don’t change the color for the disabled text, it just change it’s opacity, so the plugin, by default, can’t change this behavior. You would need to change it manually.


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