Animated Battle progress: Throwable Objects

Hello makers, here comes another plugin! The Throwable Objects is an important part of the developement of the animated battle. But why it is so important? Well, the throwing objects, while cool, is not really necessary for an animated battle. But there is something behind it that makes it very special. This ‘special thing’ is what I called method stack.
One of the most important things for the Animated Battle, is to be able to have different objects to updated with different timings. By default it is not possible, the battle is updated following a single line, so I can’t have two different things updating with different routines. And since I don’t want to make the same mistake I made with the VXa animated battle by reinventing the wheel, I would need to have this independent update system to work within the default battle flow of RPG Maker MV.
This is where the throwable objects enters, since it’s core function is based on this independent update, it would be the best place to start the development of this system that will be used as one of the bases for the animated battle. And I must say that the result are very promissing!

Besides the Throwable Object plugins, there is also a new tutorial, that makes of the new plugin. The Command: Throw allows to create a throw command, similar to the one that Ninjas from Final Fantasy have, and allows you to throw weapons and other items at your opponents.

Plugins Updated
Basic Module
Dual Wield
Charge Actions
Counter Actions
Diagonal Movements
Fog and Overlay
Materia System
Skip Battle Log


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  1. This is very impressive. Good work !


  2. Is this only for skills? I tried using the notetags on a Weapon since my intention was to have a character’s standard attack involve throwing, but it doesn’t seem to work.


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